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Posted by onetarogers on February 28, 2012 at 11:05 PM

Feb. 11, 2012:

I write this with a heavy heart. We lost the greatest female singer of any generation last night!

When Cissy Houston first heard the news that her daughter had passed, reportedly, she started trembling and screaming "No! No! My baby! My baby!" as she sunk to the ground.

A film is already being planned, based on the life of Whitney Houston, written in the same vain as "Lady Sings The Blues." This will be an A-list project with unlimited financing but who could play Whitney Houston? A great actress lip synching or a Broadway star with a powerful voice?

Also, "Unsung," is interested in rushing an episode on the air before their season ends.

The tabloids are offering upwards to $1.2 million to members of Whitney's entourage. They want to know if anyone was able to take a cell phone pic of Whitney in the bath tub.

When Whitney Houston first arrived on the scene, she was groomed to become the next Diana Ross; she shunned expensive gowns in favor of blue jeans and sneakers. Whitney was a Jersey girl at heart and and she loved the New York Giants. She also loved Sylvia's soul food restaurant in New York.

Whitney's career closely mirrored Diana Ross's, first the hits and then the big grossing film (The Bodyguard).

After "The Bodyguard," Whitney was besieged with offers, including a remake of "Cleopatra Jones," she was also offered $1 million dollars to perform for a royal family, and she was approached to perform in Las Vegas for $1.5 million per month but due to unfortunate circumstances she was unable to undertake any of these projects.

What was her attraction to Ray J? Whitney started out as a family friend and considered Brandy a little sister but like everyone else, she saw Ray J's sex tape with Kim and became interested.

At the time of Whitney's and Bobby's courtship, people were surprised because Bobby was in hot pursuit of Rosie Perez at the time.

Whitney used to date Eddie Murphy and really loved him, but it can only be one star in Murphy's household; she even tried to get Eddie jealous by dating Randall Cunningham but it didn't work.

Whitney was a celebrity among celebrities. When Faith Evans had a minor scrape with the law in L.A., Whitney called, is there anything you need? Does anyone need to take your kids to school? Whitney was a good friend to have and Mary J. Blige was her favorite singer.



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